Lucy Libido Rally with Brandon Barber Fearless Twofer *Earlybird*

Lucy Libido Rally with Brandon Barber Fearless Twofer *Earlybird*

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Hey there smartie pants.  Either you are good at math or you know how to recognize a good value. 

The Twofer grants access to BOTH the Lucy Libido Rally on January 18, as well as Brandon Barber's Fearless on January 19th. 

* The original Lucy Libido class - with the ability to submit questions In advance

* Betsy Bosom's tips on conception, fertility, and child wellness

* The best supplements for your cycle and menopause 

*EO Science, Emotional wellness and MORE

January 19th we have collaborated with Brandon Barber Coaching to create an amazing two day event for individuals who are

*Working their YL business

*Want to learn how to remove blocks in personal and professional life

*Want individual insight into how and why they do what they do

This event is held the next day, January 19th, in the same location.



Ticketing and discounts:

Lucy Libido Rally                                         49 early bird / 57 general

Brandon Barber Fearless                             49 early bird / 57 general

Twofer ticket Early bird                                39 each, or just $78 total

Twofer ticket General                                   47 each, or then 94 total


Non- refundable

Exchangeable, yes

We have a location secured for our anticipated attendance. Should we need a larger venue, we have additional location available. The Los Angeles based event address will be emailed by December 3.