Lucy Libido Glam Rally Ticket Rally *Early Bird*

Lucy Libido Glam Rally Ticket Rally *Early Bird*

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That's right! We're back!

Last year we debuted our first every Lucy Libido LYP Rally in Los Angeles. We were amazed at the response - with the event selling out in just 48 hours!

This year, we have doubled our space and have been planning for the best rally ever!

This January 18 rally will include education on topics such as:

* The original Lucy Libido class - with the ability to submit questions In advance

* Betsy Bosom's tips on conception, fertility, and child wellness

* The best supplements for your cycle and menopause 

*EO Science, Emotional wellness and MORE

This ticket is for ONE day at the Lucy Libido Rally January 18


Want even MORE than this one day ticket?

As a HUGE BONUS - we have collaborated with Brandon Barber Coaching to create an amazing two day event for individuals who are

*Working their YL business

*Want to learn how to remove blocks in personal and professional life

*Want individual insight into how and why they do what they do

This event is held the next day, January 19th, in the same location.


January 18th - Lucy Libido Rally, Los Angeles

January 19th - Brandon Barber Fearless, Los Angeles


Upgrade your ticket to a two day twofer HERE


Ticketing and discounts:

Lucy Libido Rally                                         49 early bird / 57 general

Brandon Barber Fearless                             49 early bird / 57 general

  Twofer ticket Early bird                                39 each, or just $78 total

    Twofer ticket General                                   47 each, or then 94 total


Non- refundable

Exchangeable, yes

We have a location secured for our anticipated attendance. Should we need a larger venue, we have additional location available. The Los Angeles based event address will be emailed by December 3.