Glitter Bottle Bundle

Glitter Bottle Bundle

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We absolutely love the Glitter Turquoise Bottles. They color coordinate with your Lucy inspired book class and they sparkle and shine just like you. This bundle includes turquoise glitter pump bottles with NEW white caps. 

Yup! Pump Bottles.  Roller Bottles.  Sample Drams.  All Glitter.  All for you.

This bundle includes:

12 Glitter Turquoise Pump Bottles with white tops - 1oz bottles for serums, lubes, and creams.

12 Glitter Turquoise Roller Bottles with white caps - with smooth gliding metal rollers for inner thigh blends and love potions. 

25 Glitter Turquoise Sample Dram Bottles with white caps - to fit in your guest's Peek-a-Boo Notefolios. Send your guests out the door with a little something to try at home. Be prepared for a rush of gleeful girlfriend texting in the morning. Sample drams are made for viscous lubes and do not have an orifice reducer. Securely fasten the lid and samples should be kept upright.

Note: Our NEW Glitter bottle bundle is contains ALL Turquoise Glitter Glass and ALL WHITE caps. Your order will contain Turquoise glass and white caps. 


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