Class Refill Pack

Class Refill Pack

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Already have a Lucy Little Black Book and the perfect class under your belt? Need more Peek-a-Boo Notefolios and sample drams to teach more classes? The Refill pack is just for you! 

The Refill Pack contains a pack of 24 Notefolios and a pack of 24 sample drams. We have upgraded our refill packs to include the adorable turquoise glitter sample drams!! These 2 ml sample bottles color coordinate with your Lucy Libido class.  They are a beautiful turquoise and are dusted with fine glitter. 

Make one of your favorite lubes in the book or use the recipes on the back of the Peek-a-Boo Notefolios.  Open the bottle and place in the custom hole and screw tight to attach to the Notefolios!  You can teach a class, have a make & take and send your guests home with a sample of their favorite lube attached to their notes.  How cool is THAT?!

Note - because the sample lube bottles are designed for more viscous lubes, there is no orifice reducer. Securely fasten the lid and samples should be kept upright. 


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